Salem School District PTO
Together we can make a difference!
2018/19  Salem School PTO Board 
President: Nikki Eisenbraun
Vice President: Melanie Imbrogno
Treasurer: Deb Morgan
Secretary: Jessica Hull
Volunteer Directors: Becca Bracey Becky White

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The Scrip program offers gift cards to 100’s of businesses who are willing to donate a designated percentage back to the PTO.  The PTO offers a sharing program which allows ½ of the profit percentage to go either towards your family’s lunch fees, or next years’ registration fees.
Market Day
Family Skate Nights
Support the PTO by supporting our Fundraising Partners! 
Need more info on these fun ways to make money for Salem School PTO? Click on the blue Request Info button below:
PTO offers market day products each month. A specific grade is designated to split the profits in half with the PTO. Every grade gets a chance to participate & help!

Salem School
Market Day Code is: 5686
Traxside Roller Rink in Burlington offers monthly skating nights! $4 Admission which includes skate fees. 
25% of all admissions goes back to the PTO!

Action Territory "Fun"draiser
Action Territory Family “Fun”draiser one Friday per month! Located next to the Interstate in Kenosha – bring the entire family and have an evening of fun and earn money for Salem School
Woodman's Gift Cards
Monkey Joe Nights
Woodman's Cards are part of our Scrip program.  These $100 Gift Cards are available for immediate purchase at the school's main office during school hours.  For each $100 card purchased, you will earn $2.50 towards either your school lunch fees or registration fees!  Cash or check only. 

Monkey Joe’s in Kenosha offers periodic Salem School nights.  Part of your admission fee is donated to the Salem School PTO!  Who knew jumping could be so much fun and rewarding!